Amethist Pendant Purple Rose

€ 6,00
Amethist Pendant Purple Rose

This pretty Amethist pendant is decorated with polymer-clay and two tiny crystals. The colour of the stone is Purple, the leaves are Green and there is one black rose.

The chain which this necklace is made with is a strong chain and won't break very fast. But be sure not to go for a swim, or sleep  with this necklace because it contains clay and glue.

The necklace can be closed with a lobster claw lock, and if you want it a bit shorter you can even attach the lobster claw to the chain rings, because they are big enough.

The magickal property of Amethist:

* It can be helpful if you are struggling with an addiction.
* It can be useful if you have headaches or/and migraine.
* This crystal takes care of harmony and clarity of mind and helps to distance yourself.


I make my jewelry with added second hand materials, to give old stuff a new chance and recycling is good for the environment as well.

Recycling material benefits range from fewer carbon emissions to saving water and reducing waste, which is good for the earth.


Not for little children because of the little parts.