Steampunk Bat Necklace

€ 15,00

This one is a good example of using old stuff to create new things. I gave this old pendant wings, and now it looks like a steampunk necklace.

In this single earring that was missing its other half, I saw the opportunity to transform it from being just a simple earring, into a  bat-crazy pendant.

This necklace is made from polymerclay and has a strong chain that is about 44 centimeters long (17.32 inch) and is adjustable up to 7 cm +(2.7 inch). You can close it with a little lobster claw lock.
It is hard to explain the colours, but I see some copper in it and rose/gold accents, black batwings.

I make jewelry with added second hand materials to give old stuff a new chance and doing that I (or you) are doing something good for the earth. 
Polymerclay can survive a rainy day but don't go swimming with it, it is still clay :). 
Not for little children because of the little parts.