Sundown Owl Necklace

€ 15,00

This long owl necklace has a owl pendant which has all the colours of sundown in it. It's glass rainbow cabochon on his little chest represents the pearly colours and he has lovely little glass eyes. :)

This necklace contains crystal beads of: carnelian.

Carnelian's magical influence:
Carnelian connects you to the earth, works activating and vitalising. Carnelian is a very energy loaded crystal which boosts your confidence and fights depression and confusion.

It is said that this stone protects you against negative, vibes and emotions from other people.

Before I am sending away my orders I will always cleanse them from old energies and check the chain rings.

This necklace is made with strong rings and glass beads and is about 64 cm (about 25 inches) long. 
You can close it with a lobster claw. It is a bit adjustable but because it is that long, not that much.

I make my jewelry with added second hand materials, to give old stuff a new chance, to recycle and that is good for the earth.

Please keep in mind that believing in the magical workings of a crystal is good, but you should always contact your doctor if you have any health issues
This necklace contains little parts, so it is not for little children.