Shipment Costs

Below there are three categories that describe shipment costs international and outside of Europe (including Brittain)with or without track and trace. Unfortunately, I have to follow the new rules and regulations regarding sending away packages. Before 2020 I could send letter-box packages away for a small price and now we have too -sadly- charge more for packages outside the Netherlands/Europe.

Keep in mind that I am just a small business on my own and it is a hobby of me to make these pretty necklaces :D , so I don't have special prices/sponsors or business relations with large companies to send away stuff for very small prices like, for example, large chinese companies do like wish.


Package costs per grams without track and trace

€ 2,00 - 0 to 100 grams
€ 3,65 0 to 100 grams

Global and outside of europe 
€ 10,30 0 to 100 grams


Package Costs per grams with track and trace.
€ 4,10 0 to 100 grams
€ 11, 00

It is possible but contact me at and I will answer this Question, otherwise it is without track and trace.