Blooming heart

€ 6,00

Once, she had a pink heart, that shined the light on everyone wearing her. But then she traveled to a forest, which changed her forever. A black flower bloomed, enchanting the ones around her.

Just waffling..haha.

This nice fantasy/gothic style looking necklace is made out of polymerclay. The colour is rosy/red/pink. It is hard to explain.

This necklace is about 48 centimeters long (18,90 inch), but you can adjust the length if needed by attaching the lobster claw to the necklace chain itself, which shackles are strong and big enough to handle that.


I make my jewelry with added second hand materials, to give old stuff a new chance and recycling is good for the environment as well.


* This necklace can handle a rainy day, but don't go swimming with it. It is still clay.
* Not for little children because of the little parts.