Help the Refugees and buy some jewelry at the same time :)

Following the war happening in Ukraine, I wanted to do something because I felt powerless.
I decided: Why not use the thing I am good at to raise awareness and earn some money which I can donate to charity. So, here it is!

90% of the costs earned for this jewelry below goes to ''Giro 555"the charity for refugees and other good goals to help Ukraine. To rebuilt hospitals and infrastructure, to help people in need with shelter and food. Name it, they do it :).

I am currently waiting for materials to make more of this jewelry, which I will restock in a few days. The materials are not from Alieexpress or Wish . I do not support countries like China which are supporting Putin.

For the shipment of this item I only ask you to- besides the money for charity/material- pay for the shipment costs. So I can sent it to you safely and it will arive intact :)

Material Costs are only there so I can make more ~jewelry to raise more money! I do not profit out of this! :)

Following the horrors happening in Ukraine, my heart broke..
I kept feeling like I needed to do something that I was able to do right, so I started making these earrings. 

90% of costs earned for the jewelry itself goes to a charity that helps the war refugees of Ukrain. If you buy these earrings you'll also get proof by mail that I donated the money, so that you can see that your money goes to a good place. The shipping costs are the only thing you pay me so I can send you these pretty earrings.

I make NO profit out of this. This is purely a charity action :).

the earrings are in the colours of the ukranian flag, with a little added glitter. The little flags are made out of polymerclay and are very;



Jewelry in my Etsy Shop:

Excited to share the latest addition to my #etsy shop: Sunflower's for Ukraine

I wanted to do something for Ukraine that was in my power to do, so I made these earrings to raise money to donate to Ukraine. So you'll have awesome earrings and are helping out the refugees too.

These are silver earrings. The hearts and sunflower are made out of Polymer clay and are very light weighted.

The colours are of course the colours of the Ukrainian flag mixed in the hearts.

When you buy these earrings I'll send you proof by mail that I donated the money of the costs of the earrings itself to Giro555. It is in our country the main charity for Refugees out of Ukraine. (Netherlands)

Every penny besides shipping and/material costs will go to charity. I do not profit out of this! #blue #yellow #oekraine #ukraine #sunflower #earrings #jewelry #jewelery #donate