Love-heart Owl Necklace

€ 15,00

This polymer clay owl is made with lots of love and a shiny glass gem on it's chest. Is your heart beating for this cutie?

The pendant is about 6 cm (2.3 Inches) long and the necklace itself is a long 62 centimeters! (24.4 Inches)

This owlie has red eyes and the colours of its feathers are: BlackDark pink, cool pink, and pink.
You can close it with a little lobster claw lock.

  1. I make jewelry with added second hand materials to give old stuff a new chance and doing that I (or you) are doing something good for the earth. 
  2. Polymerclay can survive a rainy day but don't go swimming with it, it is still clay :). 
  3. Not for little children because of the little parts.