I am Denise, a 31 year old/young goth mom with a lot of love for fantasy and darker art, nature and everything creative that my mind can think off and that is a lot! My mind is always full of ideas but mostly there is not enough time.

As you might have noticed, i am a bit more different than most people following the latest fashion. You can call it 'Goth'' but i prefer ''me'' because the so said ''elite'' goth people in the scene are making this name feel like a tiny box and i don't like that. I want to be myself in many ways! So if that means that i do not love a lot of goth bands and i want to walk around in colors all day, i am free to do that! Live and think out of the box!!! :D

But i like the dark and mysterious. Beautiful forests, old city's and buildings inspire me, make me feel at home at that moment, because home is where i am comfortable. (and not alone!)

When a witch needs healing, she searches nature! Because, that is also what i am.

Besides drawing and crafting a lot of things my boyfriend sometimes takes incredible pictures with his camera when we, for example, are walking through a forest. And i also love taking pictures, with a little less quality though. (with my phone) 

After a lot of exploring here in The Netherlands (Nederland) we also visited a lot of beautiful places, which names i will share with yoy on this website.

Well, that was it i think. My english can be a little bit crappy sometimes, my excuses for this :)