Colourful Magick - Necklace

€ 6,00

This Purple, black and golden pendant is made out of polymerclay.
The Gold shimmer makes this pendant look even more magickal. 

I've carved a pentacle in the clay. A pentacle stands for the 5 elements that are needed for life:
* Spirit,
* Water
* Fire
* Earth 
* Air

Wiccans and Witches also wear this as a symbol for their religion and a pentacle helps focus energy in rituals. But you can also wear it, because you like it :).

This necklace can be closed with a lobster claw lock.

I make my jewelry with added second hand materials, to give old stuff a new chance and recycling is good for the environment as well.
Polymerclay can survive a rainy day but don't go swimming with it, it is still clay :). 
Don't wrestle or sleep with it.
Not for little children because of the little parts.