Blue Mermaid Eye Necklace

€ 5,00

This polymer-clay Necklace has a glass blue mermaid eye :-).
It has a nice sea/blue/green/Teel colour.

The necklace exists out of nice goldengreen, black and blue beads.

Perfect for a day at the beach. :D 

the length is adjustable and you can close the necklace with a little lobster claw lock.

For you to enjoy your new necklace longer:

Though this one looks like it comes right from a mermaids jewelry box, you really shouldn't go for a swim wearing this. It can handle a rainy day, but swimming will break it, because it is made out of clay. Just a warning, so you can enjoy it longer :D.

* though it's very pretty, this is not for little children. Because of the little parts.